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13 October: Taiko Drumming Workshop @ 1100-1300

Following the extremely successful workshop in June 2023, the Taiko Drummers  are returning to Calstock Arts by popular demand to give another workshop followed by a performance of their own.


Taiko drums have been around for a couple of thousand years, traditionally used in the background to keep the beat for dancers and singers during festivals or creating the sound effects offstage in Noh and Kabuki theatre. As a performance art, it is relatively new, having been developed in the 1950s by the Japanese jazz drummer Daihachi Oguchi. Since then, the art of Taiko drumming has spread across the globe, including to the South West of England. Taiko South West sits under the umbrella of Kagemusha Taiko, founded in 1998 by Artistic Director Jonathan Kirby.

The workshop, which lasts 2 hours,  gives the participants an opportunity to learn some of the history and background of Taiko drumming, get to grips with the basics of drumming and try out some simple drills. The workshop culminates in everyone learning a fun choreographed piece to play together.  Whilst not marketed as therapeutic, there are many benefits to Taiko drumming: it’s great physical exercise and good “brain gym”. It’s also a lot of fun and can result in a real sense of achievement.



 Quotes from previous workshop participants:
“A fantastic day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to come again.  It’s definitely something I could get into”.
“We had a great time. Thank you for the warm welcome. If we weren’t so far away, we’d definitely join you more regularly”.


£15 for adults, £12 for 12 -18 year olds in advance. £25/£20 for workshop and afternoon performance.


Door open 1030

Workshop starts prompt at 1100

Tickets also available for workshop & afternoon performance by drummers or just performance

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