Thursday 12 July
Dante Quartet Summer Festival presents Spotlight on Shostakovich

Hounded by Stalin and the Soviet regime, Shostakovich engaged in an intricate balancing act, appearing to toe the line while encoding his project in music. In the second quartet (1944) two invogorating outer movements frame a mesmerising ‘Kaddish’ or Jewish lament. The eighth quartet (1960) is inscribed as a ‘requiem for the victims of fascism and war’ drawing on universal human experience, whilst the twelfth quartet (1968) shows the composer at his most Beethoven-like, plumbing the depths of despair but rising to a triumphant conclusion.

Quartet No 2 in A, op 68
Quartet No 8 in C minor, op 110
Quartet No 12 in D flat op 133

Buffet supper at 6.00pm, bar at 7.00pm, concert at 8.00pm.

Tickets at / 07583 050581.