Friday 29 September:
Gallery Bar Special with Katie Kirk and Rick Williams

Katie Kirk and Rick Williams combine a love of early music with an ear for the timeless quality behind contemporary songs. Paring their narratives of life, loss and the Cornish landscape back to the essentials, their performances share compelling warmth and authenticity.

Katie Kirk is a singer, voice coach and performer based in West Cornwall and regular performer with The Story Republic, a travelling world of words celebrating the place of story in Cornwall’s culture. Her love of original harmonies and the melding of contemporary and old-time sound enables her to use her full vocal range.

Rick Williams is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, born and bred in Newlyn.. He has arranged Charles Causley poems for The Story Republic and is currently touring with writer AnnaMaria Murphy and Bagas Degol (of which he is a founder member) with their production Salt Road.

“Pure love of music shines through in Rick’s delicate, understated guitar accompaniments. And Katie’s singing is bewitching.” Geoff Lakeman.

See Katie and Rick here

Free entry, informal atmosphere. Donations please to Katie and Rick.

Doors 7.00pm, start time 8.00pm.

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