Friday 13 July
Gallery Bar Special with Kit Hillbillies

The return of the Kit Hillbillies with old-timey, good-timey bluegrass. With rousing vocal harmonies that smuggle in some darkly humorous local references.

Some instrumental tasting notes: Banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, double bass. Vigorous, expressive & unvarnished, with a crisp percussive finish. Think Betty Stogs rather than Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

Their music has been described as the sound of Woody Guthrie chasing Earl Scruggs in a stolen hay lorry. It was summed up more simply by the Guardian journalist Tim Dowling, who often writes about music: “The Kit Hillbillies: Excellent. See them soon.”

Doors 7.00pm, start time 8.00pm.