Friday 13 December:
A Gallery Bar Special with Flash Jack

Formed from members of the late lamented shanty crew Hanging Johnny along with other well established local singers and musicians, Flash Jack hail from Plymouth and East Cornwall (although some of their roots are more widespread).

They maintain the honourable tradition of comic songs established by their illustrious predecessors and positively encourage audience participation in the form of song and dance.

Their repertoire consists of shanties and ballads old and new, tragic and comic. Tunes associated with the coast and seafaring (both at home and abroad) and songs from a woman’s perspective. They also sing ballads and work songs from the land, reflecting the strong link which has always existed between the songs from coastal districts and the songs sung by the seafarers from those districts.

A great way to end our Autumn season.

Free entry, chatty atmosphere, bucket for the band.

Doors 7.30pm, music from around 8.30pm.